Moving Pictures are one-of-a-kind pieces custom designed to capture and showcase your memories. Be it for a wedding or anniversary, as a keepsake or an announcement, these moving picture albums are about light and motion, music and flow, emotion and mood. Moving Pictures can be viewed on the Web by friends and family around the world, or sent off on a CD as a gift or special thank you. Each is unique, carefully crafted to reflect the spirit of your occasion.

Prices start at $1250, and include uploading of the finished album to your Web host. You will also receive a copy of the album on CD.

Tien-Yi has been a designer for over five years. She is also a musician and dancer, and once upon a time a scientist. She is friendly and likes to answer questions, especially about her work. Her complete portfolio can be found at

Liz Linder has been photographing people in their environments for over twenty years. She is best known for her energetic images of artists and dancers, and has extensive experience in movement, fine art, and commercial photography. She has been exhibited internationally and is nationally collected.

In keeping with the times, Liz appreciates the fusion of her images with music and rhythm as they capture the spirit of intimate gatherings, occasions, or events as they unfold. More of her work can be viewed online at, and be sure not to miss the Occasions Gallery.