Reconstructing Palladio's Villas

The Palladio Project is ongoing research focused on finding methods of reconstruction using computational devices to build, represent and evaluate Palladio's un-built villas. The first of The Four Books of Architecture contains text and images explaining Palladio's design and construction system in the form of rules. These rules were written for masons and craftsmen of the 16th century, offering one to two-dimensional data on each Palladian Villa, Palace and Church. The Four Books offers a general treatment of the villas construct: however, the text is missing most of the physical construction data needed to reconstruct a full un-built building.

Many Architects and historians have attempted to reconstruct Palladio's work in the form of drawings, wooden models and computer imagery. This project presents a method of reconstruction through the definition of construction rules, in addition to shape and proportional rules defined by previous scholars to be used to construct three dimensional CAD representations from Palladio's original drawing. The CAD file is sent to a machine that constructs a physical representation of the CAD model in the form of a 3D print. No drawings beyond Palladio's original sketch are needed to physically reconstruct this building.