July 2007
The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY
Jo Henley band's music true to its leaders' rootsy mission
Guitarists fuse musical styles for laid-back vibe

CD Review from The Noise
April 2007

Long Way Home
7-song CD
If you can imagine Irish folk music minus the thick brogue and lyrics about drinking, you can pretty much picture the sounds of Jo Henley. This 7-song sample of mellow-yellow folk tunes takes me back to nights of drinking at the Brotherhood of Thieves in downtown Nantucket. Jo Henley (a band, not a band member’s namesake) delivers some of that tavern vibe and would fit like a musical glove in any eclectic beer, wine, and tea hang out. Long Way Home is loaded with talented mandolin and fiddle performances from Tim Weed as well as a skillful drum performance from Tien-Yi Lee. Oh yeah, this is by no means a garage demo. Long Way Home is a full production EP. “Voyeur Love” would sit nicely between Bare Naked Ladies and John Cougar on any easy listening radio play list. All I need now is some curly fries and a signature frozen drink. Mmmm...
      - Lance Woodward, The Noise

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