Singer-songwriters Andy Campolieto and Ben Lee have spent the past ten years writing, recording, perfecting, and performing their unique blend of original pop-infused roots-rock. The two met while undergrads at Ithaca College, where they all-too-frequently replaced afternoons of textbooks and classrooms for acoustic guitars and empty stairwells. Perhaps this wasn't the most parent-friendly use of tuition dollars, but nevertheless these early jam sessions galvanized a mutual passion for songwriting - something about the process of taking scraps of lyrics and bits of melody and sculpting them into songs appealed to them on a level deeper than anything they had ever experienced. They soon formed a rock band called Old Janx Spirit and jumped headlong into Ithaca's thriving local music scene, cutting their teeth on the stages of cramped coffeehouses and rowdy college bars. Before OJS finally ran its course, the band recorded a full-length record, enjoyed radio airplay, and played venues across the Northeast, including notable performances at Connecticut College and Burlington, VT's "First Night" celebration. Soon thereafter Andy, Ben, and former OJS drummer Mike Dingley formed Gel, a groove-based funk-rock band. Gel enjoyed moderate success and followed a trajectory similar to Old Janx Spirit before dissolving in the spring of 2003.

In the meantime, Andy and Ben had moved to Boston and almost immediately began work on a new project called Jo Henley.

Tired of the loud and bloated sound of beefed-up rock bands, the duo returned to their roots: acoustic music. Just two guitars and vocals, scraps of lyrics and bits of melody. The songs came quickly, and the results were exciting. Drawing from their love of blues, country, folk, pop, and rock, Andy and Ben soon amassed a breadth of quality material and once more took to the stage. Playing notable Boston-area venues such as The Middle East, Harper's Ferry, and TT the Bear's Place, among others, Jo Henley worked diligently on honing its live act. Over the next two years, Jo Henley gigged its way into singer-songwriter showcases, guest spots on live internet radio shows, and gradually attracted a loyal fan base. Finally, in early 2006, convinced that the right mix of players and instrumentation would propel their music to its fullest potential, Andy and Ben sought out and added three talented musicians: Tim Weed on fiddle and mandolin, Alex Lynch on bass, and Tien-Yi Lee on drums. The chemistry was immediate. The result: a nimble, stripped-down five-piece rock-country-pop band reminiscent of something along the lines of "Harvest"-era Neil Young meets Jack Johnson. Jo Henley has never sounded better. While the emphasis will always be on songs, the ensemble's energy, ability to improvise, and habit of tossing in fun covers, make it a top-notch act not to be missed.