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Examples of Trend Scout projects:

  • showing a set of 20 new G9Girl t-shirt designs to 25 girls your age and getting them to fill out a survey about which they like

  • picking out a style of shorts that girls your age would most want to wear

  • reading a story and giving comments on what you like and don't like

  • finding out from 25 girls your age what style of watch is most popular

  • can you spot what's hot
    and what's not?

    Are you a fashionista? Have you got a great sense of style? Do you know what the "next big thing" for girls your age is going to be? G9Girl is looking for girls around the country, ages 9-15, to be Trend Scouts!

    Your duties as a Trend Scout will include:
    • reporting on current fashion trends at your school
    • evaluating new G9Girl clothing and accessory designs
    • conducting surveys to gather data on style and design preferences of girls your age
    To be a Trend Scout you must:
    • be between the ages of 9 and 15
    • love fashion
    • have great communication skills
    • have strong leadership abilities
    • be extremely reliable, responsible, able to meet deadlines
    • be unafraid to talk to your peers and gather opinions, even from girls you may not know well
    • be enthusiastic about the G9Girl message!
    If you think you have what it takes to be a G9Girl Trend Scout, apply by filling out the form below. If we think you qualify, we'll contact you for a more extensive phone interview.


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    Keeping in mind the qualities we're looking for, tell us why you'd make a great G9Girl Trend Scout!