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violet's brother
taught her to
skateboard. what else
is she good at?
anna's motto is "to be the best me I can be." find out how she does that!
jacquie, a model and role model, shares a story about learning to be yourself.
isabel's apple
taught her to stand
up straight!
find out why..

expressions of genius...

Violet loves to make a creative mess. Kellie's a loudmouth who loves to argue. Isabel's a genius at accessorizing with fruit. Aria's ambitious, fun and flirty all in one. Felicity can eat a hot pepper straight up, without even a glass of water to chase it down!

Poke around, get the lowdown on all our mysterious G9Girls. Read about our real life G9Girls too, who are ambitious and accomplished, each in her own unique way. Are they very different from you, or can you relate to some of their stories too? What is each one's genius? And while we're on the topic... what's yours?

felicity's mom thinks she should behave like a proper girl! her friends disagree...
creative anna is practical and a dreamer. is it possible to be both?
you may think
aria looks shy,
but she's also an
ambitious activist!
tamara's a rapper and a real self starter. read about this turntable talent...
kellie's uniform is required for school,
but she knows how
to let loose!
lauren's been "soaring on skates" ever since she was nine. where is she headed?