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meet the girls

"sweetheart memories" - aria writes in her diary every night
"mostly modest"
violet is full of
"indigo inspiration", two charms...
isabel's apple
reminds her to
always be a
"true blue original"
felicity's teammates
love her feistiness
and call her a
"spunky sport"

what are your charms?

If you had to choose four charms, what would they be? What would they look like? What would you name them? Would you choose your favorite object? Would you choose your nickname? Would you choose your most unique trait, your genius?

charms and our designs

Using charms, we've made designs for our tops and accessories! Our "classic" and "nouvelle" series combine charms from different girls to form a unique personality, maybe like yours! Other designs like "aria" or "felicity" use charms from just one girl. Take a look...