All I Want for Christmas is My Visa Card?

The Story of Chanukah

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Gauri Nanda

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Holiday Sparkle

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Holiday Projects Made with Love

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Happy Holidays! Hope you all enjoy this special holiday issue of CR.

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Winter 2005

Style for Less: What happens when your expensive tastes and your budget don't quite match up? Are there still alternatives to fancy gifts? Our own G9Girls remember the true spirit of Christmas! Fabulous Fashionista Alisa shows us how to add sparkle to your holiday outfits. Cute dresses! Holiday Hair and Sweet Treats: Get creative this holiday season with these original craft ideas!

This month's Career Spotlight falls on Gauri Nanda, the inventor of an ingenious little clock! Menorahs and dreidles - what is the story of Chanuka about? Learn the history of this Jewish holiday. Books: G9Girl gets the scoop on Lisi Harrison, author behind the Clique series of books! Advice: Ask Stacey! You wanted an advice column, here it is. Got questions? Send 'em in!

You have lots of fun with your friend, but how close are you REALLY? Take our Friendship Quiz! Letter from our Editor, Courtney. We always want to know what YOU think of Chain Reaction.