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Violet, Kellie, Isabel... who are these mysterious G9Girls? Why does Isabel have an apple on her head? What is Violet's secret talent? What's that Kellie's wearing? Read all about these and other fabulous G9Girls. What are their geniuses? What are their charms?

G9Girl would like YOU to write for us!  Maybe it was your most embarrassing moment, fears about being away from home, or something new you learned about yourself.  We want to hear about it! Your story could be featured in a book to inspire other girls about camp! Submit your story here by March 1st.

What is G9Girl?

G9 stands for "genius." G9Girls are girls who think, girls who dream, girls who aspire, debate, wonder, relate, create, and inspire. Are you loud & proud? Born for Broadway? A soccer sweetie? Or just genuine? Being a G9Girl is about being true to yourself, following your heart, and finding your inner genius!

Our new T's are here! And they were all designed with the help and input of our awesome Trend Scouts! Have a t-shirt idea? Send it our way. You may next find it in your local store!