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empathy: in having been there. because the commonality between human beings is emotion, and the only way we can understand each other, span our vast discrepancies in experience, is through what we feel. and in being there may we finally realize all the places we have not yet been, may never know, and only then can we find our deepest humility, respect, and compassion for humanity - in our understanding that one can never fully understand the interior lives of others. still, we care.
            - tyl

1. my favorite things
round bales of hay, big yellow heavy machinery, the understated, wise people, strange places, light, type, dance, labradoodles, a close game of scrabble, total absorption, grapefruit scents, the sound of ball bearings swishing around in a wide bottomed glass

2. music
quarter notes on the ride cymbal, rivets, slide guitar, bill stewart, drummers (the nice ones), now he sings now he sobs (chick corea), waltz for debby (bill evans), good dog, happy man (bill frisell), prokofiev piano concerto no. 1 in D flat major, revancha del tango (gotan project), crash (dave matthews band), moodswing (joshua redman), mama said (lenny kravitz), la camorra (astor piazzolla), white pony (deftones), come away with me (norah jones), the art of the trio vol. 3 (brad mehldau), sea change (beck), waltz for koop (koop), five leaves left (nick drake), hugo diaz
also check out my collection of saddest songs in the world...

3. tv, movies, podcasts, etc
startup (podcast), transparent, serial (podcast), downton abbey, the wire, homeland, friday night lights, six feet under, you can count on me, y tu mama tambien, about schmidt, lovely and amazing, l'auberge español, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, a separation, the guns of navarone, sex and the city, project runway, so you think you can dance, the daily show. and, little einsteins (because i have a three year old).

4. books
light in august (william faulkner), laughable loves (milan kundera), olive kitteridge (elizabeth strout), you are not a stranger here (adam haslett), a visit from the goon squad (jennifer egan), tenth of december (george saunders), let the great world spin (collum mccann), the sweet hereafter (russell banks), a tree grows in brooklyn (betty smith), difficult loves (italo calvino), empire falls (richard russo), short stories by william trevor, amy hempel, raymond carver

5. food!
mint chip ice cream (breyer's), green tea ice cream (christina's), azuki bean ice cream, (lots of ice cream), dark chocolate (schlaffenberger 70%), mom's vegetable soup, steak (medium rare), barbecued spare ribs, watercress, sushi, spicy salted calamari, sea bass, buffalo wings, soft shell crab, congee with pork sung, scallion pancakes, guacamole, hot dogs, cannoli (modern pastry), lemon and sugar crepes, mmmmmm

6. people
friends, new and old. because life is short and i want to spend it in the company of good people. dave. my boys, my angels.