Eagleton is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Education and provides a full academic curriculum based on the standards of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Classes are structured and have low student to staff ratio (1 to 5), providing for individualized instruction by licensed teachers who strive to meet the needs of each student according to an approved Individualized Education Plan.

Students participate in special research projects in the Resource Room, where they have access to computers and receive additional tutoring as needed.

The art program offers experiential learning, integrated with classroom instruction, and provides additional opportunities for success.

Students participate in Individualized Reading and Speech services depending on the approved Individualized Educational Plan.

Individualized Education Plans are reviewed and updated annually and as needed, and each studentŐs progress is recorded in quarterly Progress Reports.

A student at Eagleton learns that self-confidence is the first step toward academic progress, and he learns to actively participate in his own Individualized Education Plan.