Eagleton School serves adolescent males, ages 9 to 22, who have a variety of special needs. Students are referred to the school through various agencies, including the Department of Social Services, the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and the Department of Education. Students come from throughout New England. Consistent commitment and dedication to each student's personal growth are what distinguish Eagleton School from other therapeutic residential schools.

Eagleton School is a residential psycho-educational treatment center for boys and young men with difficult behavioral problems, emotional disturbances, sexual abuse issues, and/or learning disabilities. Firm and warm personal controls in an open setting provide socialization, challenges and opportunities for working toward a positive self-image and reintegration into the home and community.

Eagleton School provides a structured and academically accredited therapeutic program designed to meet a student's individual needs, as outlined in an approved IEP. Emphasis on pre-vocational and vocational areas contributes to a meaningful educational experience for each student, which we believe facilitates adjustments into the community toward independent participation and successful citizenship.

Troubled adolescents learn best through experiences that lead to self-discovery and personal reward. Our staff of professional educators, doctors, therapists and supervisors provides a constant resource for each student. Our sense of personal responsibility goes beyond being mere role models. We surround each individual with an ever-present frame of reference and positive reinforcement. By steadily enriching each student's emotional, creative, and intellectual perspective, we change or modify socially unacceptable behavior and refocus thinking back toward the fundamental skills that society requires.

The Eagleton approach is unique: The Educational, Residential, Clinical, Vocational and Recreational Programs interact to provide meaningful experiences that enable students to access a purposeful place in society.

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