Balar Illam Sponsors

- Central Government of India and Tamilnadu State Government that fund part of the recurring expenses associated with the care of the children and the salaries of staff directly involved with the children

- The Verin Karadikkal School Farm India (VKSFI) consisting of Heinz Scholze and his German teacher friends who support part of the maintenance of the Karadikkal home and school

- Action for World Solidarity (ASW) of Germany, a funding agency that donated the land at Karadikkal

- International agencies such as DWH (Bonn), Save The Children Fund (London) and the Canadian Lutheran Church who make possible achievements such as finding foster parents for individual children, sponsoring groups of children for special educational needs, sponsoring children for specific training programs, and also sponsoring certain income generating projects

- Local donors who contribute clothes, reading and writing material, sporting goods, and special holiday treats for the children